Create Maps on Microsoft Excel 2013 using Power Map

Create Maps on Microsoft Excel 2013 using Power Map

Microsoft Excel 2013 has the capability to draw nice map. The number that are on your sheet can be plotted on the map without living the Excel. No need of any fancy GIS software to draw it. You can create 3D map too. Bing maps is used as a base map. Map can be a globe or flat format. Power Map has all the options available to create great looking maps. It is a plugin used to draw maps on it. User need to download this plugin from the Microsoft official website. Below is the step by step process to create a map along with other features.

Step by step to draw the maps on the Power Map

First step is to download the plugin.

Downloading the Plugins

1. Go to the Microsoft official website to download the plugins.Download

2. Then run the setup wizard by clicking the downloaded file Microsoft Power Map Preview for Excel.exe

Microsoft Power Map Preview for Excel.exe

3. Then press Next and checked the I Agree button, again press Next.

4. After all the above process the Power Map will run for a while to install all the required files. After finishing the installation click close.

Microsoft Power Map Preview for Excel.exe

5. Then open the Microsoft Excel, if it does not show Power Map icon on the Insert tab. Then follow the a , b and c process to activate, if not just go to step 6.

Power Map Icon

Step to Add Power Map Tab if it does not show.

  1. Go to File > Options > Add-Ins
  2. In the Manage box, click the drop-down arrow > COM Add-ins > Go
  3. Check the Microsoft Power Map OK

Microsoft Power Map Option

Microsoft Power Map Option
6. I have copied 50 largest populated cities in Canada from the Wikipedia. You can download the clean data or you can get from Wikipedia. Our target is to plot different type of maps from this data.

Microsoft Excel Sample

7. Then click on the Lunch Power Map from the Map icon.

Lunch Power Map

8. It will take a few minutes to load the Map window and below is the map screen window.

Map Window

Make sure Census Subdivision is checked. Because we want to plot all the cities values. After all this click Next.

9. On the next window we will select the fields that we want to draw. See the image below. Check the Population 2001 and Population 2011, we will draw the bar chart diagram, by default it will draw bar chart.

Population 2001 and Population 2011

On the map by default it will show the legend you can close it by clicking x button. If you need that back again then click the legend button. You can zoom in zoom out, adjust north or the map according to your need.

Population 2001 and Population 2011 legend

10. You can change the charts to clustered type by checking the clustered column. Map look will change. In same way we can change map type to heat map, bubble and to region (thematic map).

Microsoft clustered type

11. On the below map the option is bubble with province total 2011 population.

Microsoft Excel Map Bubble type

12. Now to change the color click on the setting tab and change the blue color to green. Change the formatting option to get the better look. See below image.

Microsoft Excel Map Option

  Power Map output

Some other options on the map.

You can change the Themes of the map.

Themes of the map

You can add labels on the map by clicking map labels button.

Label On the map

You can change the shape of icons by selecting type of symbol from the shapes button.

Icon Shape

You can create a flat map by clicking the flat map button.

Flat Map option

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  1. Great Tutorial, Thank you for sharing

    1. Thanks Leo, Your article looks great.

  2. Valuable post . I was fascinated by the facts – Does anyone know where my business could grab a template CA ADOPT-200 copy to fill out ?

  3. Hi,

    I launch Power Map but then my excel stops working and Power map disappears for the “Insert” section.

    help please.



    1. I will see and update you, thank you

  4. Dear friend
    My power map, doesn’t show the option for a new custom map. Just new scene option and there is not other options inside.
    What can I do to make a custom map with a different image file?
    Excel 2013 – Win10
    Thank you for your support

    1. Thanks Luis, I will update you

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