How to calculate the centroid of a polygon in ArcGIS:

How to calculate the centroid of a polygon in ArcGIS:

Sometime while doing the GIS analysis we often have to convert the polygon to point feature and also it has to be centroid of the polygon. So here are few ways that you can create centroid of the polygon.

A. Using Geometry Calculation

B. Using Geoprocessing Tools


A. Using Geometry Calculation

1. Create an X field and Y field on your attribute table. Make sure the field type is able to hold decimal places, here we are using double as a field type.

2. Right Click the X field and click the Calculate Geometry.

3. Then Select the “X coordinate of Centroid” and your desired units.

4. Repeat the process from 2 to 3 for the Y field. Make sure you select “Y Coordinate of Centroid”

5. Export the table to your local drive and add to the Table of content.

6. Say “Yes” to add to the Table of Contents.

7. Right click the added table and select “Display X and Y data” Coordinates.

8. By default it will take X and Y filed. If you have named it differently then you assign to appropriate field.

9. Press Ok to plot the coordinates. It is an event file, you can export it as a shape file or feature class for permanency.


B. Using Geoprocessing Tools

1. Find the tool called the “Feature to Point” using the Search box on ArcGIS 10.x. Or it is located under “Data Management Tools”.

2. Open the tool, then select your polygon” under the “Input Feature”. Assign the path for your file and make sure you select the “Inside” option. Then press Ok which will create a centroid point.

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  3. How can I find critical center point for various polygons?

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