Applications of Google Maps

Applications of Google Maps

Google Maps is a remarkable tool on its own. Google Maps is a web-mapping platform that produces digital maps and real-time locations. On some devices, it is tapped into the website, whereas on others, it is used as an application. According to recent research, it is estimated that over 1 billion people use Google Maps every month. Being a soft copy map, this type of map has several applications.

1. Real-time traffic conditions

Traffic congestion can make your journey boring and long. However, with Google Maps, you can avoid all these downsides. Google maps can examine and analyze the traffic conditions of highways. Therefore, using Google Maps while driving can help you avoid congested roads.

2. Finding Destinations

Everybody enjoys exploring, but we’re all unhappy with the challenges associated with exploration. Visiting an unfamiliar place may be challenging if you do not have a map. Thankfully, the digital can guide and direct you to new areas. In most cases, you only need to search for your destination, and the map will guide you. Therefore, it helps people to get to their destination successfully.

3. Estimating Distance and Arrival Time

Google Maps has played a vital role in eradicating traditional methods of measuring distance. Nowadays, you can estimate the distance between two points by only clicking a button. In addition, you estimate the traveling time from one geographical area to another. This helps users in planning their traveling schedule.

4. Transport Directions

Unlike other silent-based maps, Google Maps is an interactive software. It can be used to give directions in real-time. Besides showing the path to follow on the map, this tool gives verbal directions; therefore, you can drive without having to check the map.

5. Location Sharing

Do you need to hook up with friends? Then, Google Maps is the best software for you. It allows one to share real-time location, and other people can use the shared location to find you. This software has eased the process of giving directions for your whereabouts.

6. Creating maps

Local journals and articles extensively use Google Maps to generate maps of specific areas. Google Maps software allows users to search for any location, and you can resize the maps to capture the areas you need. You can use the screenshot maps in other places and articles by screenshotting or screen-grabbing the selected part of a Google Map.

7. Locating essential places

Besides giving directions, Google Maps has a vast application in location essential places. It is a real-time map; therefore, it can display the neighboring activities and places like hotels, filling stations, and banks, among other places. To visitors, Google Maps may be of great helps in locating some vital places.

8. Emergency Responses

Emergency-responding agencies and firms extensively use this software, Google Maps. While attending to emergencies, these agencies use Google maps to estimate the arrival time and the shortest path that can be used. In addition, the victims use Google maps to send their live locations to emergency-responding agencies.

9. Airplane Finder

Airplanes are equipped with a Global Positioning System that uses Google Maps. Here, the GPS tracks the aircraft’s movement, giving directions.


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