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Free Python Course for GIS Users from is a non-profit educational institution. People enjoy learning different kinds of subject through online. This courses are taken from different Universities courses.  They are instructed by well renowned professors. It cover courses form different field like physics, engineering, humanities, medicine, biology, social sciences, mathematics, business, computer science, and other subjects.

Programming for everybody (Python) is one of the free course. It is a 10 weeks course with 2 to 4 hour of a week study is recommended. Instruction is based on English. It is taught by Charles Severance. This course is made available from University of Michigan. One thing to note down is, you have to pay for the certified certificate.

Watch the video from the Professor Charles Severance:

Course Syllabus

Couse Length:   10 weeks of study

Houser of study: 2-4 hours on a week

Instruction Medium: English

Week One

 Introduction – Why we program? 

Week Two

 Variables and Expressions

Week Three

 Conditional code

Week Four


Week Five

 Loops and Iteration

Week Six


Week Seven


Week Eight


Week Nine


Week Ten


Optional Topic

 Regular Expressions

About this course

The text book called Python for Informatics: Exploring Information is recommended for reading which is available for free download in different formats including pdf. Printed copy might cost you few bucks, right now 9.99 dollar from the Amazon.

Each week they cover one chapter which is one hour lecture material. Every week there will be quiz, programming questions and assignments at the end.

You do not need a depth knowledge in mathematics or any subject to take this course. It is a basic programming. All the lectures are through videos files which makes easy to learn. has provided detail information about the installation of required software and how to be organized with the folders and other stuffs.

Detail Information is at:

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