Pros and Cons of ArcGIS

Pros and Cons of ArcGIS

ArcGIS is a platform that is explicitly organized to create and manage spatial data. It can as well be used to share and analyze the same data. ArcGIS platform consists of mobile and desktop applications, components, and developer tools that specifically facilitate its functionality. It is specifically used in the cloud or on-premises. It can as well be used via ArcGIS online which is managed by Esri.

To understand how it functions, you have to, first of all, familiarize yourself with ArcGIS Rest API and the standard formats. These are mostly what facilitates the communications between many of the components that are constituted in the ArcGIS. It is also very crucial to understand the common elements of the platform. It has an impact on the process of building a successful application with the platform.

This mapping solution can as well help in analytics, and it was specially designed to help people to explore, analyze, and share relevant information about the location.

It constitutes the mapping of educators, government agencies, developers, and government agencies. To reliably deal with this, the platform consists of a powerful GIS that helps people solve most of the issues.

Over time, this platform has had a couple of benefits and disadvantages. The advantages are very influential, which is the main reason why it’s still functional and highly reliable. In this brief, we will talk about the pros and cons of this platform.



1. The power-The power that this platform provides is the first and the most important benefit. Most users like the power it offers for spatial analysis and the data. There have been a couple of improvements in the latest version. The latest version includes the most popular data analysis python libraries.

2. It has a tool for almost anything you could think of doing. This is another benefit that users are talking about. The platform has compelling tools that can help you in all dimensions. It has ”smart maps” which offers a lot of functionalities.

3. The software has preset of tools-Everyone would agree that ArcGIS is a very powerful tool with a stipulated of tools. Though it takes some training and playing around to learn the whole thing.

4. This software has an excellent reputation and experience in GIS software. This is the reason why this is an excellent and competitive computerized geographic analysis.

5. Impeccable reporting-we couldn’t talk about all the pros and forget this. This is another benefit that makes the software one of the best in the GIS software market.

6. advanced statistical tools-The software has a couple of advanced statistical tools that are much helpful in the whole process.

7. Effective handling of a large amount of vector data. The software will correctly and effectively handle a large amount of vector and raster data. This is another thing that makes this software merely the best.

8. ArcGIS is regarded as the industry’s customary geospatial scrutiny software. What this means is that it has a couple of features that make it the best in this sector.

9. Has applications for publishing web maps for the public. These applications make reporting easy and very fast.

10. Most of its features, specifically the ArcMap, are easier to navigate. The best thing about this is that there are a couple of tutorials on YouTube. There are also many books in the software to make your work easier.




1. Price-The first con to spot is the price. The standard licenses are scary high.

2. It is not open source-I bet this is the reason why it’s not very preferred in academia.

3. It crashes often-The previous versions seem to hit but have got better from 10.0.

4. ArcMap’s interface aesthetically is not very adorable. It’s a little difficult to spot all the features.

5. ArcGIS online search from a pro is limited. The software is regarded as less flexible than the traditional ArcGIS server. This is examined in terms of hosting services and mapping capacities,

6. You will not get all the features before paying for a premium subscription.

7. Esri products are presented as the only solution to the problem. I think using Programming solutions and using FOSS can save you a lot of money and time. Learning the Esri products can as well be very difficult.

8. Customer care may ignore some bugs and issues. The reality is that this software has a significant market share, and for that reason, they will not be very wary of any complains or issues by a single customer.

9. You can wait for a long time for the software to open. This is another con that makes a lot of people think this software is not highly reliable.
You will have to wait for a long time for it to open after you launch.

10. The interface is not very friendly. Though, this is not a big issue compared to the features the software hosts. Though, sometimes it can be very hard to know where the specific tools are.

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