10 Advantages of QGIS Software

10 Advantages of QGIS Software

QGIS which was formally known as Quantum GIS is an open- source cross-platform and free desktop geographical information system (GIS) application which helps in viewing, editing and assessing of geospatial data. This software (QGIS) enables users to assess and edit special information, in addition to creating and making available graphical maps. Below are some of the advantages of this software (QGIS)


1. Several options present: QGIS gives its users a world of different options for special processing right from the start and it is free. There are endless tools in respect to the license you acquired.


2. Greater speed and performance: QGIS is very fast compared to other software such as ArcGIS. It uses a small amount of time to carry out task this is because of the intern structure.


3. QGIS has multiple languages: QGIS is user-friendly the latest versions come in English and different other languages such as Italian, Spanish or French; all this is possible because of their effective translating system. This feature makes it easier for new user to operate.


4. QGIS presents a better documentation: the official documentation for QGIS are really good. It gives a detailed expiation of how the software is used with examples it also makes available QGIS tutorials.


5. QGIS is created by very good people: QGIS has a community made mostly of people who support, write code and are very passionate about it. They have blogs and social accounts, where you can go to find out about new tools they are creating, even to ask questions for free.


6. Access and Freedom: one of the biggest advantages of QGIS is that it has the ability to reach and the ability to bring valid tools to many users in all computers.


7. Compatible: QGIS is compatible with windows, Linux, android, mac OS. This makes it easier for users to install and use on their personal computers.


8. Quick study and faster update with QGIS: the old users of QGIS have worked with a lot of different version in the past and each one of them had a new feature, the evolution of QGIS is very rapid. Each time there is a new version of the software available, it indicates with a pop up window which gives you the option to download, it shows all new feature and you can learn to use them within a day.


9. Clean conscience: QGIS users have a clear conscience when using the software since they are not doing anything illegal, QGIS does not use licensed software they are against piracy.


10. Free Software: QGIS is free software to acquire and less expensive to maintain as compared to other software’s like ArcGIS.

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