Applications of Remote Sensing in Telecommunication

Applications of Remote Sensing in Telecommunication

Telecommunication involves sending messages from one point to another via electronic media. , modern technology and tools are used to improve telecommunication. Remote sensing technique has found their way into telecommunication and has numerous applications in this field. Also, Remote sensors can be used as a medium of communication since they’re space-borne tools.

This article shall discuss some of the common applications of remote sensing techniques in the telecommunication field.

1. Optimization of network capacity

Remote sensors help in saving telecommunication costs. For instance, they track and optimize the network capacity. They also boost the network strength between the telecommunication company and the end-user. It improves the quality of communication.

2. Picking Signals from water-based components

Water-based components such as sub-marines greatly depend on remote sensors to communicate. Satellites and other remote sensors host the signals from these components and then send them to the relevant telecommunication station. Also, remote sensors are used to track the location of these components. It promotes monitoring and security of sub-marines.

3. Communication

Remote sensors such as artificial satellites are used for communication purposes. Researchers and other private sectors rely on these space tools as their communication medium. Information can be transmitted from one region to another via remote sensors. Similarly, when the spatial data is analyzed, it is used to pass information. Live sensors are also telecommunication media as they transmit data from an area of study to the headquarters.

4. Monitoring Telecommunication equipment

Telecommunication equipment is expensive and valuable, and therefore they’re prone to vandalism. In case of vandalism, the telecommunication company suffers losses and communication breakdowns. Therefore, there’s a need to employ security tools. The remote sensing technique has succeeded in securing telecommunication equipment. They monitor the ground’s activities from space, ensuring the telecommunication equipment is secure.

5. Amplifying TV and Radio signals

TV and Radios are the most commonly used telecommunication media in the current world. People around the globe depend on them as a source of information. Remote sensors such as satellites are used to amplify the signals to reach all people around the globe. The signal is sent to the satellite and transferred to the receiver’s antennae from the TV or radio station. The satellite ensures a continuous flow of signals from the station and the receiver’s antennae.

6. Supplementing the Telecommunication field

For communication to be accurate, timely, and reliable, other forms of communication are involved in the data collection process. Remote sensors have been the frontline in supplementing the telecommunication field with spatial information. Through remote sensors, the ground’s information is easily collected. Other communication mediums then use spatial information.

7. Tracking communication wires

Communication wires are the traditional medium of communicating between one point to another. Remote sensors tools are used to guard them by monitoring them from space. In case of any breakdown or defect, it can easily be detected. Also, in the case of natural calamities such as landslides or earthquakes, the damages are easily tracked, thus speeding the repairing process. Therefore, remote sensors have diverse applications in the telecommunication field.

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