Differences between Remote sensing and GPS

Differences between Remote sensing and GPS

In this article, we will look at the differences between GPS and Remote sensing.

1. Definitions

Remote Sensing: Remote sensing is that the utilization of technology to envision objects while not in direct contact by capturing photos with the help of non-particulate radiation. Remote sensors area unit obsessed with Devices like Satellites and aerial cameras in capturing photos by sorting out the objects from some way distance.

GPS; Global Positioning system, the whole reasonably GPS, provides information and knowledge on things or area of the item to the users. This is often through signals from satellites transmitted to a ground-based antenna and receiver. It’s mainly utilized in applications that handle surveys and navigation.

2. Tasks

The main tasks of GPS are sorting out the placement coordinates of the user on any place on the planet. The satellites utilized in GPS are entirely developed to produce service for GPS. Any user on earth with smart visibility and a well-equipped GPS receiver will get his point information in regards to Latitude, Longitude, Height. This method uses the ‘trilateration’ technique to figure the user location.

Remote Sensing technology’s main tasks are gathering information concerning the surface of the planet from afar off-platform, typically with a satellite or mobile sensing element. Most remotely perceived information used for mapping and spatial analysis is collected as mirrored non-particulate radiation that is processed into a digital image which is then overlaid with different spatial information.

3. Components

Remote sensing has the subsequent essential components;

  • Energy source;

The first demand for remote sensing is an energy supply that illuminates or provides magnetic force energy to the target of interest. Sensors are classified as passive or active, supported by the supply of energy they’re providing.

  • Interaction with the Target;

As energy travels from its supply to the target, it makes contact with and moves with the atmosphere it passes through. Once the energy makes its contact with the target through the atmosphere, it interacts with the target looking at the properties of each target & the radiation.

  • Recording of Energy by the sensors;

After the energy has been emitted from the target, A remote sensing element gathers and records the non-particulate radiation. The energy recording is loosely into two; Optical and microwave.

  • Transmission, Reception, and processing;

The energy recorded by the sensing element is transmitted, usually in electronic kind, to a receiving and processing station on earth where the information is processed and keep in digital kind.

  • Interpretation and Analysis;

The processed information is understood visually and/or digitally to extract information concerning the target that was lighted. Specialized instruments/hardware and software packages are used for this purpose that’s ordinarily referred to as Image process Tools. The ultimate component of the remote sensing method is achieved after the extracted information is applied in determining a specific drawback. Specialists operating in every application field/theme usually will perform this task.

GPS, on the opposite hand, has 3 major components;

* area Segment;

It consists of a constellation of twenty-four operational satellites answerable for transmittal unidirectional signals that give details on this GPS satellite position and time.

* management Segment;

It consists of a worldwide monitor that manages stations maintaining the satellites in their correct orbits through occasional command maneuvers and simply the satellite clocks. It tracks the GPS satellites, uploads updates on steering days, and maintains the health and standings of the satellite constellation.

* User Segment;

it consists of the GPS receiver instrumentality that receives the signals from the GPS satellites and uses transmitted information to calculate the user’s three-dimensional position and time.

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