50 Beautiful World Maps Portrayed by Different Things



The World Map is fascinating to observe. It makes interesting if feature or thing is used to draw the boundary line. For example, if butterflies are used to draw boundary lines for countries that will show the World Map different but aesthetic. Geography subject is getting popular among high-level students and they are using the map to express their thought and analysis.
I have to browse the internet to find 50 beautiful world maps.

Typographic Maps:

Maps are drawn with the help of fonts which is known as Typographic Map. Below World Map is drawn using alphabet A to Z. The map is just marvellous and artistic, alphabets are making boundary lines.
Typographic Maps:
Typographic Maps:

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  1. Hi! I really like the “A Question of Faith” map of world religions. I was wondering where you found that image. I’d like to see the map in higher resolution so that I can read it. Please let me know, thanks!

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