Google Maps vs Apple Maps

Google Maps vs Apple Maps

In 2012, Apple launched its Apple maps to be used with the Apple’s iOS devices. The Apple maps are preloaded in iOS devices and they’re both free. Google maps can also be downloaded free from the App Store. Although there are a lot of similarities between the two maps, there is also a big difference between them.


Difference between Google maps and Apple maps


Google Maps

Apple Maps

Accuracy Google bought high-resolution satellite imagery company (Skybox) to enhance the accuracy of data.

There is also a small number of human operators who correct any errors in the maps based on reports from the users.

Initially, the launch of Apple maps was met with a lot of criticism due to an inaccuracy of data but a report by iGeneration show that Apple is stepping up to increase the accuracy of data.

To improve the map data Apple use Mechanical Turk-style program to get location data

2. Monthly users Google has more than 1 billion unique monthly users It has more than 55 million users per month
3. Interface In Google maps, few icons are presented on the screen but it gives you more option to explore or change the map.

It uses 3D models to represent most of the Google buildings

Apple maps have flatter surface with multiple default locations.

It has custom icons for the landmarks and it has a simple and clean user interface.

Labels In every search with city labels, Google has fewer labels per zoom It has the highest number of city labels. Apple labels more cities than Google
Roads When you widely zoom for roads on the maps, two-thirds show the same types of roads on both maps. Nothing else is shown on google maps.

There are more text labels and streets in Google than in Apple.

It not only shows two-thirds of roads as in Google but also the remaining zoom shows extra roads which are not shown in Google.
Sorted information When you search for a location, Google gives you possible matches sorted by distance and other information of the searched keyword

Google use public transport filter on the map. This is essential for the tourists in London since it overlays the location on all tubes in the map to give accurate data

In apple maps, when searching for a location, the distance is less clear and there is no guarantee you will get extra information on search keyword

Apple maps get the directions through the tube and buses. The app display information about the upcoming bus and departure times.

Turn-by-turn navigation Google’s turn-by-turn navigation feature doesn’t allow you to see clear details on current location and any upcoming directions Apple use 3D maps to build site locations.

Navigation through UI is much clearer in Apple maps

Voice command Google allows you to use voice command feature to control your navigation. iOS Siri voice command is not as effective as google voice command due to the accent of the user
Virtual tour Google map has a Street View feature which allows you to get a street-level view of where you’re going.

It lets you see inside buildings or sites.

You can easily customize your route.

Using the Flyover tour with 3D maps, you can have a virtual tour and see sites or locations without actually traveling there.
10. Data usage To display structures of buildings in Google maps require a lot of data.

Users can also get recommendation from “For you” feature.

Apple use vector graphics leading to less consumption of data

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  1. Apple maps have got us so lost in Granada, Spain that’s have deleted it. It allowed us to take the wrong route ending up in a 10 minute taxi ride to get back to our hotel when app said “4” minutes

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