The World Map is fascinating to observe. It makes interesting if feature or thing is used to draw the boundary line. For example, if butterflies are used to draw boundary lines for countries that will show the World Map different but aesthetic. Geography subject is getting popular among high level students and they are using map to express their thought and analysis.
I have browse the internet to find 50 beautiful world maps.

Typographic Maps:

Maps drawn with the help of fonts which is known as Typographic Map. Below World Map is drawn using alphabet A to Z. Map is just marvelous and artistic, alphabets are making boundary lines.
Typographic Maps:
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Typographic Maps:


Money World Map:

Imagine if the map is drawn with coins. Coins delineating the country boundary.
Money World Map


Money World Map


Beer Lover World Map:

Who do not like Beer? Every country has their own popular brand: USA has Budweiser, Canadian have Molson Canadian, Brazil has Skol Premium.
Beer Lover World Map


Beer Lover World Map


National Flag Wold Map:

Do you know National flags of all countries? Above world map is drawn using the National flag.
National Flag World Map

Funny World Map:

World map drawn using with funny stuffs related to each countries. For example, Canada for immigration, China for its "Made in China", Brazil for soccer and many more. If you see each country there is something to like but has the meaning.
Funny World Map


Soccer World Map:

Who does not know Soccer? One of the most popular game in the world. Soccer is used to draw the World Map.
Soccer World Map


Super Mario World Map:

Kids love the Super Mario game and Japanese are ahead of creating computer games. Here is a Map created from the  Super Mario
Super Mario World Map


Animals World Map:

Map drawn using the popular animal of that country.
Animals World Map


Three Animal Make World Map:

There are three animals on this map and find out what they are.
Three Animal Make World Map


World Map by Products:

World Map based on the products they produce. It is graphical view of countries that produce agriculture stuffs or extract minerals or produce machinery.
World Map by Products
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World Map by Products


World Military Expenditure World Map:

If map is drawn based on the military expenditure, World Map will look like below. Go to to know more about the map.
World Military Expenditure World Map
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Flower World Map:

Flowers are always soothing to your eyes and if World Map is drawn by flowers, it is just breathtaking.
Flower World Map


Flower World Map


Music World Map:

Do you want to hear the music generated by the World Map, well you might not hear but you can see and fell it.
Music World Map


Music World Map


Love Hearts World Map:

Lover hearth lovers, here is the world map drawn by love signs. If you are in love you will love this world map.

Love Hearts World Map


Butterflies World Map:

World Map drawn by butterflies, countries boundary does not change like butterflies; flying from one place to another.

Butterflies World Map


Bean World Map:

World Map drawn by beans and they are making the countries boundary. I liked the Africa continent drawn by, guess…

Bean World Map


Rice World Map:

How popular is Rice. It is making the boundary line for the country. Which continent for supper tonight?

Rice World Map


Tangerine World Map:

World Map drawn by the Tangerine skin. I will called it Juicy World Map.

Tangerine World Map


Fruits World Map:

Feed the world with these fruits.

Fruits World Map


Coffee Beans World Map:

Where do you get your coffee from? Do you like Colombian or African?

Coffee Beans World Map


Apple World Map:

Can you bite apple like that?

Apple World Map


Artistic World Map:

Few artistic world map collections.
Apple World Map


Apple World Map


Apple World Map


Apple World Map


Apple World Map


Tree World Map:

How can you design world map from trees? You will like this world map.

Tree World Map


Flashing World Map:

Rays are coming out from this World Maps.

Flashing World Map


Flashing World Map


Kid World Map:

Kid loves map and they will learn where they live in. Teachers will love this world map to teach Geography to kids.

Kids World Map


Kids World Map


Kids World Map


Kids World Map


Religions World Map:

So many religions around the world, this map is drawn through pie chart. Great to see the statistics

Kids World Map


Kids World Map


Candy World Map:

Do not try to eat countries.

Candy World Map


Candy World Map


Dot Matrix World Map:

World Map drawn by the tiny dot matrix, it is fascinating.

Dot Matrix World Map


Tattoo World Map:

Tattoo World Map
People have passion for tattooing and if they do with the world map, looks great.

Tattoo World Map


Dubai World Map:

This is a man-made world on the ocean. You can buy each country, you might want to own USA or UK.
Dubai World Map

Mustache World Map:

Did you like it?
Moustache World Map


Facebook World Map:

This map is drawn by users connected to each other using blue dots but china is excluded from it.
Facebook World Map


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